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The description of business activity


PISAREK COMPANY - ,,We make kids’ dreams come true'' This motto has been accompanying our company for 25 years since we deal with toys import from such a long time. In our huge offer You might find about 6000 models of toys coming from both different parts of the world and the domestic market. Our warehouses and three huge sales halls are located in the area of 1200 m2. In these buildings the full exposition of offered toys is presented and there is conducted both wholesale and cash & carry sale. The employees of our company have huge experience thanks to which they provide professional and reliable service and they offer help while selecting assortment. PISAREK company not only deal with own import but also with broadly known trade cooperation with many importers and shops both in Poland and neighboring countries. Due to this wide-spread trade cooperation, we are capable of offering our customers and trading partners both wide range of products and variety of forms of cooperation, clearings and discounts. PISAREK company is one of the oldest and the biggest importers and distributors in Poland. Our varied and huge trade offer and 25 years’ effort and experience on the market have been contributed to confidence and approval of our customers and trade partners.

PISAREK company is also the official distributor of many leading toys’ producers and importers such as: TM toys, Trefl, Clementoni, Granna, Aleksander, Haster, Brimarex, HH Poland etc.


Business mission

We wish our assortment toys’ offer to “make kids’ dreams come true” and also to “educate through entertainment.” As a result of it, we make an effort to include to our import such items which influence and help in psycho-kinesthetic development of a little child. The crucial importance for us is also safety of the ultimate recipient of our offer that is why we sell only these toys which have required certificates and test results.

Fast changing business environment, various trends on the toy industry market and the needs of our customers have forced us to continuous searching and providing varied sale and distribution forms of our toys within 25 years. One of our main goals was to reach a new potential receiver and arouse his/her interest in our import offer. In this way, the idea of B2B platform has been developed.

The fact that we have own spacious warehouses, sales halls adjusted to cash & carry sale, well- experienced canvassers and the developed B2B platform enables us to provide buyers of our toys the possibility to purchase a product in wide range and with the use of various means of transport.

Apart from fair toys’ distribution, we put special attention to customer satisfaction.

25 years’ existence on the toy industry market requires from us constant taking care of reliable, honest and kind relationships with regular customers. Repeatedly, these are the trade partners who are with us from the beginning of our company, 1991 and thanks to continuous attempts to solicit new buyers.


Enjoy your shopping !